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За съдебната система в Кралство Норвегия Назад

Език: Български
Държава: България
ISSN: 0861-1815
Автор: Иван Емилов Георгиев
Заглавие на статия: За съдебната система в Кралство Норвегия
Паралелно заглавие: The judicial system in the kingdom of Norway
Заглавие на списание: Съвременно право
Том: 25
Година: 2015
Книжка: 5
Страници: 76
Научна област: Социални, стопански и правни науки
Научно направление: Право
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Резюме: The importance of the article’s topic is due to several reasons. First, the general structure of the Judiciary in the Kingdom of Norway is regulated by the Norwegian Constitution, which is one of the world’s oldest constitutions in force. Secondly, Norway is the only European country whose legal system can not be ascribed either to the continental law system, or to the system of common law. Next, the Norwegian legal system, both in the fields of civil and criminal law, is aimed at restoring the relations between the parties or between the offender and the victim. This is a priority objective, which is opposed to the public interest and in that sense, restorative justice prevails over retributive justice. Last but not least, the Norwegian Judiciary is interesting from a theoretical perspective because studies on the legal systems of Scandinavian countries are very scarce in Bulgarian literature.

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